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Jimmy Nelson

Before They Pass Away



Solis Home Renato D’Ettorre Architects

"Set within its stunning natural surroundings on Hamilton Island, the residence is sculpted from concrete, stone, block work and glass resulting in a sequence of dramatic volumes incorporating airy living spaces and private sheltered outdoor zones. the building elements are intertwined with reflection ponds and a swimming pool, lending a sense of tranquility and sensuous tactility whilst providing casual, elegant outdoor living amid the beauty and serenity of the isla."

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Jess Bonham

Body Builder

For the series ‘Body Builder’ photographer Jess Bonham teamed up with set designer Anna Lomax to create a playful series that uses the human body as its structural starting point. They set out to create a series of images experimenting with the arrangement of additional materials and objects


Oxymora Typeface by Birgit Palma


Ben Foster, Shadow, 2014

Upcoming show, Nexus, at Sanderson Contemporary Art, July 15 - August 3, 2014

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Get in

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Photographer Takashi Homma’s delicate pictures of mushrooms aren’t meant to impress culinary palates. After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the photographer learned that mushrooms thrive and absorb radiation. Intrigued, Homma headed to the forest to document the organisms that survived the horrific disaster. In his new photo book “Mushrooms from the Forest,” Homma teams up with graphic designer Tanaka Yoshihisa to portray these survivors.

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Don’t wreck my flow, Edward Burtynsky


Mike Maxwell